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About us

Who we are

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Renting student accommodation is central to the university experience, yet the entire process is notoriously stressful. We’re here to help students find their place quickly, securely and conveniently online with our student-first, digital accommodation platform.

Our values

Put students first

We’re disrupting the student accommodation industry to make it more convenient and accessible for every student.

Always be transparent

Not only are we honest about what we’re providing, but we also use clear language and designs to communicate this.

Make real change

Gen-Z expects to see change and so do we. Our team solve problems and build solutions with technology.

Founding Story

Founding Story

Helping a close friend to arrange university accommodation in Liverpool, Lydia quickly realised just how archaic the process was. Why couldn’t this be booked fast, securely and completely online, like a hotel?

A global quest for answers gave Lydia the motivation to fix this. She built a close-knit team with the optimism, agility and student-first mindset needed to reshape an industry. Housemates is creating a world where students are liberated by a digital accommodation booking experience, empowering student mobility on a global scale.

Welcome to our house.

Who we work with


Our revolutionary property management system, Housemates Occupy, changes the game for student accommodation providers. We’re already working with providers of all sizes across the UK and Ireland to fill their occupancy with ease. Want in?


We’ve built a fairer and more transparent model for every affiliate. Our affiliate programme helps partners of all sizes enhance their customer experience and earn extra revenue with our secure online booking system. Join us!


Founding Story

We’re a close-knit team with the optimism, agility and student-first mindset needed to reshape an industry. We have first-hand experience of how student accommodation is, a vision of what it could be and the tools to make that happen.

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