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Best in-Class Student Accommodation in Liverpool

Liverpool is a large metropolitan city with more than 2 million people. The city offers an excellent standard of living. If you’re planning to move to this city for further studies, you must know that finding suitable accommodation isn’t easy here. However, with Housemates, you can search for the best and most affordable student accommodation in Liverpool here.

Student flats in Liverpool range in price from £80 to £200 per week, including all costs.

So, to locate the greatest student apartments in Liverpool, conduct your research. The city provides everything from elegant to affordable student accommodation. All of the student housing in Liverpool is created with the student's comfort in mind. This city has something for everyone. Students living in this city are further subdivided into halls of residence, private halls of residence, and private residences.

About Liverpool City

Liverpool is by far one of the most popular student cities in the UK, with a student population of over 70,000. Liverpool is known for its low cost of living, housing, and entertainment, and it has a thriving student scene. It's an iconic city with many famous landmarks, such as The Liver Buildings, The Beatles' houses, and the historic docks - all of which will become familiar sights if you study there. This is a very good city for student accommodation in Liverpool.

Good Areas To Live In Liverpool

  1. Crosby: Crosby is a popular student neighbourhood located north of the city centre. It's close to beaches and public transit, making it a great place for students to unwind and enjoy their leisure time. It's a terrific spot for local shopping, clubbing, and socialising with friends.
  2. Lark Lane: Located south of the city centre, Lark Lane is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods for students to reside in. It is close to popular and ethnic restaurants with a diverse menu, making it an ideal location for students to spend their time. It is perfect for student accommodation.
  3. Aigburth: Aigburth is a wonderful neighbourhood with plenty of open space and walking trails. It is located on the southern fringes of the city centre, near the Mersey. Aigburth in Liverpool features numerous magnificent and historically significant Victorian mansions.

Public Transport

Liverpool has a reasonably well-developed public transportation system. The superb Merseyrail system, which connects most outlying districts to the city centre, is the most convenient method to travel about. The city centre includes four underground stations located in the main retail and commercial districts, however, it is a fairly compact centre and it is frequently easier to walk somewhere. Buses run frequently around the city and are among the cheapest in the country. The Merseytravel offices (Queen Square and Liverpool One) will provide you with information and schedules. Merseytravel also has a phone app for trip planning. Liverpool is a bike-friendly city. The concentrated city centre benefits cyclists, while the CityBike bike hire system makes cycling more accessible. Cycling is a low-cost, ecologically beneficial, and handy way to exercise.

Liverpool City provides the best student accommodation, and with quality public transport, it is the perfect place to complete your studies.

Students Living Cost

Liverpool is one of the cheapest student cities in the UK, and with competitive tuition fees and a low cost of living, we provide an affordable student experience at a high-quality, world-renowned university.

We estimate that your daily living expenses, including lodging, food, and local transit, will cost between £6 and £8000 per year. Naturally, your real living expenses will vary depending on your lifestyle. It is critical to carefully budget your money. The table below provides some samples of current monthly living expenses.

The average monthly cost of living in Liverpool:

  • Accommodation: £300–850
  • Travel (to include weekends away – bus/train): £0–165
  • Food: £50–150
  • Phone & Internet: £20–40
  • Stationery: £10–60
  • Laundry: £0–30
  • Utilities: £0–60

Approximate monthly total: £400–1,500

Top Universities in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the UK's most popular student destinations because of its diverse culture and encompassing spirit. Liverpool, in England's North West, has a student population of about 70,000. Its combination of high-quality education, low-cost living, and ongoing growth attracts a large number of students from both within and outside the country.

Liverpool is well-known for The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, but it is also well-known for its varied culture, which helps every student feel at ease. The city's openness and acceptance enrich the student experience. Therefore, for studying in a prestigious university you can find the perfect place for student accommodation in Liverpool.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is the first redbrick university, ranking 21 out of 130 in our 2023 UK university league tables, an increase of nine places. 78% of students were satisfied with the quality of learning they received from the university.

A 25-metre swimming pool, a cutting-edge fitness centre, squash courts, fitness courses, sports halls, personal trainers, 13 grass fields, two synthetic hockey pitches, a 3G rugby training facility, and excellent library facilities are among the amenities.

Liverpool John Moores

Liverpool John Moores University presently includes approximately 27,000 students from over 100 countries, 2,400 employees, and 250 degree programs. In 2005, LJMU received the Queen's Anniversary Prize.

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University has a rich history that dates back 175 years, yet it is not locked in time. There is a significant emphasis on research excellence and creative, high-quality teaching, as well as a strong commitment to graduate employability, equipping students to confidently assume their positions in the industry.

Student Life in Liverpool

Affordability is a significant consideration when selecting a student city. In general, Liverpool has low-cost housing and a low-cost life. According to The Guardian, while Liverpool's overall "survival" and nightlife expenses are cheaper, these are comparable to rental prices in the neighbouring student city of Manchester. Aside from vibrant markets in St. Johns, bargain hunters may also enjoy really affordable department stores on almost every corner (Home & Bargain is a term used locally). Liverpool is undoubtedly one of the UK's most inexpensive locations for students.

The Walker Art Gallery, Tate, and The Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse - Liverpool You'll feel like you're rubbing elbows with cultural institutions everywhere you go in Liverpool because it is such a small yet crowded city. Liverpool is a terrific location to go if you're a cultural addict who needs a daily dose of art. The freshly refurbished Everyman Theatre just won a RIBA award, and there are more free galleries there than you can shake a stick at. Liverpool is proud of its culture; for a fun loving chap, this is the best place for student accommodation in Liverpool.

Nightlife In Liverpool

You'll need some pre-drinks, so we recommend visiting one of these fantastic pubs or bars. For those who want to prepare ahead of time, these spas will probably be just the thing for anybody suffering from a hangover the next morning. But what occurs in the interim?

One of the liveliest cities to visit for a fun night out is Liverpool. It's one of the most exciting cities in the UK for varied, diverse, and always changing nightlife, including nightclubs, live music, comedy, and wonderful restaurants if you're looking for a decent meal.

It's also simple to get about; the LGBTQ+ sector is located around Stanley Street, while students and independent music aficionados like to congregate around the Hardman Street neighbourhood. One-stop nightlife stores are available in locations like Concert Square and Albert Dock, so you may party all night long without having to call a cab to travel to your next destination. You can discover many of the most popular places to go out as well as some of the greatest alternative nights now that the Baltic region is firmly established.

The nightlife in Liverpool is as dominant as ever. For the after exam celebration I am sure you’ll find a perfect place in Liverpool to chill.

Best Shopping Places in Liverpool

In Liverpool, almost anything is available for purchase. You can find whatever you desire, from little boutique clothing stores to designer clothing, bookstores you may lose yourself in (or discover yourself in), commercial galleries for great art, and hand-crafted items to beautify your house.

The mix of uncompromising independence and a big-thinking worldview that lies at the very core of the city is a large part of the reason for the abundance of retail options. Whether you're a guest or a true Scouser, Liverpool has a high calibre of things to do.

Liverpool has cleverly maintained its eccentric shops and venues while encouraging bigger, bolder, upscale shopping destinations like Liverpool One.

There is a space for you if you want to browse through vintage clothing. You're in luck if you want to pamper yourself at a designer store. A farmers' market which undoubtedly attracts you if the cupboards of your Airbnb are looking pretty empty. Liverpool is a city with a lot to offer, no matter your shopping preferences or what you're searching for. Often these markets are affordable and a cheap shopping place for students.

  1. Royal Albert Dock: The Royal Albert Dock is the historically significant gem of Liverpool's waterfront and a terrific destination for some retail therapy. Trendy design boutiques, independent fashion firms, and a variety of excellent gift shops may be found tucked away among the biggest collection of Grade I-listed structures in the nation. Don't overlook the Tate Liverpool shop, which sells a variety of publications, items inspired by art, and home goods.
  2. Bold Street: Bold Street is unquestionably one of the UK's most diversified shopping districts and a true must-see. This eccentric street offers everything you're looking for, whether it's the ideal vintage wardrobe, some vinyl to add to your collection or a standout piece of home décor. Visit LIV, a sizable organic food store and vegan café housed in the historic Liverpool Gas Company structure.
  3. Bluecoat Display Centre: A visit to the Bluecoat usually provides something unique, whether it's lunch in the good and reasonably priced café, an exhibition in the art gallery, or a gathering of arty types to people watch. But you can't leave without stopping into the shop, especially if you want to bring home something genuinely unique. The Bluecoat Display Centre houses over 350 artists' work and is brimming with handmade jewellery, homeware, and artworks. Take care of yourself!
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