Cancellation Policy for Students

Effective 18th January 2021
Last updated 21st December 2020

We would refer you to the Housemates Booking Terms and Conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) at and to your statutory right to cancel during the Cooling Off Period.  In addition to your right to cancel your accommodation booking during the Cooling Off Period (that is within 14 days of the booking having been made) we will allow you to cancel your booking subject to satisfying one or more of the conditions as set out below.  

These conditions are:-

  • You are unable to obtain a visa to enter the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.
  • You have not been able to secure a place at University/College.
  • You have been prevented from entering the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland due to COVID.

If you satisfy one or more of these conditions you shall be entitled to cancel the booking you made through us and you should be refunded your Holding Deposit and any rent payments which you may have made in advance (if any) from the Operator who is responsible for the accommodation you have booked.  

For the purpose of requesting your refund, you shall be required to provide to the Operator satisfactory evidence that one or more of the conditions has been satisfied.  This should include:-

  • A formal written request to the Operator to cancel your accommodation booking and for a full refund of all monies paid.
  • Documentary proof to support the condition upon which you are relying to cancel your booking.

If you are unable to provide satisfactory proof you may not receive a refund.

This Cancellation Policy shall be read in conjunction with Section 4 of the Terms & Conditions.

Subject to you satisfying one or more of the conditions as set out in this Policy, this Policy shall be treated as overriding the terms of Section 4.2 of the Terms & Conditions.

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